Dear Friends, Come and have a fab holiday in Morocco and help us out by doing so.

We need around €30k to finish the eco-lodge so were asking you, our friends, to help us out now, and in return come and stay when we’re finished.  And, of course, please feel free to extend this to any friends of yours who you think will be interested.

It’s like a crowd-funding campaign but instead of a crowd coming to stay we get our mates and other like-minds.

We’ll spend the money raised on plumbing and electrics into the last 4 bedrooms, a few doors and windows that are still missing, the kitchen, hot water system, and finally plastering and floors throughout.

If we have those funds this summer, you could come and stay from spring 2018.

Here’s the deal:

It’s simple: €40 a night per person, breakfast and dinner included. If you want to take the whole lodge (up 15 beds) it’s €400 a night.

Once there you can chill out and go with the flow, we can arrange a little itinerary for you, or you can rent our camper.

What’s there to do? Lots, and it’s all just a 3.5hr flight away from the UK. Getting to Azrou Issa.

Azrou-Issa and the immediate surroundings

The eco-lodge is in a really beautiful location 800m from a wild and empty beach. At its back is a forested hillside and in front a patchwork of little fields framed by honey-coloured stone walls. The path to the beach follows a gentle slope between the  fishing and farming villages of Al Fayda and Azrou Issa. Life here hasn’t changed much in a long time. Each family scrapes a living from farming the land and working the beach.  Transport is by donkey and camel.


If you haven’t yet been to Essaouira you’ve probably heard of it. It features in such books as ‘100 Places To See Before You Die’ and everyone raves about it. A colourful labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys stuffed with workshops, restaurants and businesses; canons pointing over the battlements at the waves crashing onto rocks below, and a wildly different culture bustling about its business with hardly a glance towards you as you stroll around. Almost none of the sales pitch hassle that Marrakech has become known for. It’s bright, vibrant and refreshing for body and soul.

And there are all sorts of activities for the adventurous: kayaking, surfing, wind and kite surfing; fabulous horse riding trips along the coast, quad bikes too, and even world class golf.


Further Afield, Mountains and Desert

Morocco is a big, beautiful country with every contrast. Camping among the dunes of the Sahara is a 6hr drive away, with absolutely beautiful oasises along the way. Trekking in the Atlas Mountains is 4hrs away. We speak Arabic and we have a vintage fire engine converted into an uber-cool camper van. We can take you on expedition or you can rent it from us and self drive.

Is this starting to sound good? Get in touch with us to talk it through.

Our small-print

Q: What happens if I pay to come and stay but few others do and the lodge is still not finished when we want to come out?

A: We’re going to put all the monies raised into a dedicated account and we promise not to touch a penny of it until we have reached 80% of our goal, or €24k. If we don’t get to that point we’ll contact you to discuss and if you’d rather have your money back to get another holiday or whatever, we’ll return it. You have our word on that.

Here endeth the small print.

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